Filter Cloth


Price: Above 1$
Size: 630×630mm、870×870mm、1m×1m、1250×1250mm、1500×1500mm、2m×2m
Mesh: 50-2,000 mesh
Aperture: 270μm-6.5μm
(Note: Long River’s filter cloth is suitable for all kinds of filter presses and can be customized.)


– Great filtration
– High compression resistance
– Strong adaptability
– Good cake release performance
– Easy cleaning and maintenance

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Product Advantages

  • Great filtration:

    The filter cloth filters solid-liquid mixtures, separating solid particles from liquids. The small pores in the filter cloth trap the solid particles while allowing the liquid to pass through and collect.

  • High compression resistance:

    The filter cloth needs to withstand pressure to maintain the stability of the filter cake and ensure effective solid-liquid separation. The filter cloth should have sufficient strength and compression resistance.

  • Strong adaptability:

    The filter cloth needs to be compatible with the structure of the filter press to ensure sealing and prevent leakage of the filter cake. The filter cloth is typically secured to the filter plate through slots, clamps, or fixing devices.

  • Good cake release performance:

    The surface of the filter cloth needs to be smooth so that the filter cake can easily detach from it. Some filter cloths may undergo special treatments such as coating or processing to improve cake release performance.

Product Description

Filter cloth is an important component in filter press equipment, used to filter solid-liquid mixtures and achieve solid-liquid separation during the filtration process.

Filter cloths for filter presses are typically made of fiber materials such as polyamide fibers, polypropylene fibers, and polyester fibers. These fiber materials have excellent resistance to pressure, corrosion, and wear. The selection of filter cloth depends on specific application requirements, such as the properties of the filtration medium, temperature, pH value, particle size distribution, etc.

Application Areas

  • Food Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Mineral Industry
  • River Dredging

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