Diaphragm Filter Press


Price: Above 1,000$
Filtration capacity: 100-500kg/day
Water content of filter cake: 20-30%


– Highly adjustable dewatering efficiency
– Higher solid-liquid separation effect
– Wide adaptability
– Energy saving and waste emission reduction

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Product Advantages

  • Highly adjustable dewatering efficiency:

    The heart of a membrane filter press is the adjustable diaphragm. By controlling the degree of expansion or contraction of the diaphragm, the compression force of the filter cake can be increased, further improving the dewatering efficiency and reducing the water content of the filter cake. This is very beneficial for processing materials with high moisture content or processes requiring high dewatering effect.

  • Higher solid-liquid separation effect:

    The diaphragm filter press can provide higher solid-liquid separation effect by better controlling the pressure and flow rate in the filtration process through the adjustment of the diaphragm. It can effectively separate solids and liquids, provide cleaner and purer filtrate, and reduce the content of solid particles.

  • Wide adaptability:

    The diaphragm filter press is suitable for handling a wide range of materials with different properties, such as suspended solids, viscous materials and high temperature materials. It can adjust the degree of compression of the membrane on the filter cake and filtration parameters according to the requirements of different materials in order to obtain the best treatment effect.

  • Energy saving and waste emission reduction:

    The diaphragm filter press can achieve efficient energy utilization in the filtration and dewatering process. Waste and effluent discharges are reduced through effective solid-liquid separation. This contributes to the sustainability of the production process and reduces the environmental load.

Product Description

Diaphragm filter press is a special type of filter press used for solid-liquid separation and dewatering treatment. Compared with the traditional chamber filter press, the diaphragm filter press adds an adjustable diaphragm in the filter press process to further compress the filter cake and improve the dewatering efficiency.

The core part of the Diaphragm filter press is composed of the filter plate, the filter frame and the diaphragm. The space between the filter plate and the filter frame is separated into several independent chambers by the diaphragm, and each chamber forms a filtration chamber around the filter plate and filter cloth. In the filter press process, the material slurry enters the filter chamber through the feed system and is subsequently filtered rapidly by applying a certain amount of pressure to the solid material to form a filter cake. Meanwhile, the diaphragm is usually controlled using pneumatic or hydraulic devices, which can adjust the degree of deformation of the diaphragm and further compress the filter cake.

Application Areas

  • Food Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Mineral Industry
  • River Dredging

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