Quick Opening Filter Press


Price: Above 20,000$
Filtration capacity: 500-1000kg/day
Water content of filter cake: 25-40%


– Time efficiency
– Convenience
– Reduced labor intensity
– Improved production efficiency

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Product Advantages

  • Time efficiency:

    The design of the Quick Opening Filter Press allows for faster opening and discharging of filter cakes, saving operation time. This is beneficial for large-scale production and frequent operations.

  • Convenience:

    The structure and mechanisms of the Quick Opening Filter Press make opening and discharging filter cakes more convenient. There is no need for cumbersome manual or tool operations, as the filter cake handling can be easily accomplished by operating the driving system.

  • Reduced labor intensity:

    Compared to the manual opening and discharging of filter cakes required by traditional filter presses, the Quick Opening Filter Press reduces the labor intensity of operators by utilizing automatic operations through hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

  • Improved production efficiency:

    Due to the convenient and efficient operation of the Quick Opening Filter Press, filter cake handling can be completed quickly, thereby enhancing production efficiency and capacity.

Product Description

The Quick Opening Filter Press is a type of filtration equipment that is characterized by its convenient and rapid opening and closing of filter cakes compared to traditional filter presses. The main feature of the Quick Opening Filter Press is its ability to quickly open the cover and discharge the filter cakes, which is achieved through special design and mechanisms. Typically, the Quick Opening Filter Press utilizes hydraulic or pneumatic systems as the driving force and can be operated through a controller or a handle to rapidly open and close the filter plates and frames, as well as discharge the filter cakes. 

Application Areas

  • Food Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Mineral Industry
  • River Dredging

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