Diaphragm Filter Plate


Price: 100-500$
Size: 630×630mm、870×870mm、1m×1m、1250×1250mm、1500×1500mm、2m×2m
(Note: Long River’s diaphragm filter plate is suitable for all kinds of filter presses and can be customized.)


– High temperature and pressure resistance, antisepsis, excellent sealing performance.
– Lower moisture content of materials by filtering in high pressure.
– Fast in filtration rate and evenly in filter cake washing.
– High in recycle rate of solid content with clarified filtrate.
– Cloth-embedded carrying with rubber seal eliminated capillary leakage of filter cloths between plates.

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Product Advantages

  • Expansion diaphragm:

    The expansion diaphragm on the diaphragm filter plate can expand or contract during the pressure filtration process through gas or liquid driving. The expanded diaphragm increases the compression of the filter cake, thereby improving the efficiency of solid-liquid separation.

  • Liquid pressurization:

    During the pressure filtration process, the liquid is pressurized into the filtration chamber of the diaphragm filter plate. By applying a certain pressure, solid particles are filtered through the filter cake, while the filtrate is discharged through the diaphragm filter plate.

  • Expansion compression:

    After the filter cake is formed, further compression of the filter cake is achieved by applying pressure to the expansion diaphragm on the diaphragm filter plate. The contraction of the diaphragm allows for more thorough dewatering of the filter cake, improving the solid-liquid separation effect.

  • Filter aid control:

    Diaphragm filter plates can control the flow of filter aid through the intervention of liquid or gas. This control allows the filter aid to enter the filter cake at a faster rate, forming a uniform filter cake structure and achieving efficient solid-liquid separation.

Product Description

Diaphragm filter plates are typically made of high-strength polypropylene or other suitable materials to meet pressure and corrosion resistance requirements. Diaphragm filter plate can provide the filtration with effective dewatering and ensure the machine to provide the best solid-liquid separation solution.

Application Areas

  • Food Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Mineral Industry
  • River Dredging

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