Diatomaceous earth filter


Price: Above 500$
Filtration capacity: 100-300kg/day
Filtration accuracy:  8000μm-270μm
Filtration temperature: 0-120℃
Filtration pressure: 0.3-1.0MPa


– High filtration accuracy
– The area occupancy is small
– Long service life
– Low operating cost
– Convenient maintenance
– Light in weight

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Product Advantages

  • High filtration accuracy:

    It can reach 1-2 microns, can filter out Escherichia coli and algae, and the turbidity of filtered water is 0.5-1 degree.

  • The area occupancy is small:

    The height of the equipment is low. The volume is only equivalent to 1/3 of the sand filter, which can save most of the civil construction investment in the machine room; 80% reduction in machine room area.

  • Long service life:

    Strong corrosion resistance of the filter element, the service life of the A-1 type filter is 20 years; the A-1 reversible diatomite swimming pool filter does not need to replace any parts within 10 years, and the service life reaches more than 20 years.

  • Low operating cost:

    Backwash water consumption is 1/10 of the sand filter; The total power load of the A-1 type reversible diatomite swimming pool filter machine room is only about 3/5 of the total power load of the traditional sand tank filter system machine room. Saving electricity≥40%; Saving heat≥80%; Saving coagulant, saving algaecide 100%.

Product Description

Diatomaceous earth filtration refers to the coating filter with diatomite coating as the filter medium, which mainly uses mechanical screening to deal with the filtration device of the water filtration process containing tiny suspended solids.In the closed stainless steel container, a stainless steel filtering disc is placed horizontally from bottom to top, the upper layer of the disc is a stainless steel screen, the lower layer is a stainless steel support plate, and the middle is a liquid collection chamber. When filtering, pre-coating of diatomaceous earth is carried out first to form a layer of diatomaceous earth coating on the disc. The liquid to be filtered, under the action of pump pressure, passes through the pre-coating layer and enters the collection chamber, the particles and macromolecules are intercepted in the pre-coating layer. The clarified liquid entering the collection chamber flows out of the container through the central shaft. 

Application Areas

  • Food Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Oilfield Pipeline
  • Petrochemical Industry

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